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Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier in late 2010

Hastings Pier in late 2010

For the first post on this blog I’m going to revisit a lens that I have now sold, and it’s probably the one I regret letting go of the most. Not only is it a great lens on the 159 that allowed me to take some seriously wide images, it’s also a great lens on APS-C digital cameras. As i can’t afford a new one I’ve got myself a Tamron 17mm of which more later!

The shot above os of Hastings Pier, taken on an Eos 1Ds, at a stage a little while after the fire when the demilition contractor had removed all of the wreckage on superstructure. After watching a number of dog walkers not coming to a sudden end I decided it was safe enough to venture underneath where I was very struck by the Graphic nature of the ruin it has now become. This led me to think that of taking some high contrast images (a little bit in the manner of Keld Helmer-Peterson a book of who’s work is a refernece point for me). They portray the starkness of the structure’s plight, yet, by removing the texture of age, they also look like images of modern a structure under construction, leading one to speculate what could be as much as what has been.

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