Goodbye Agnes

I recently went ‘home’ to Scotland and grabbed a few shots of places and houses that were important to me growing up (my grandparents houses in both cases). I chose to shoot with my recently acquired Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 AEJ. This lens is a replacement for one I owned when I first started getting in to the Contax system, sold on at a point when I needed to update part of my Canon outfit. That previous copy was mint and boxed while this is – to say the least – a bit rough round the edges with marking to the paint and plenty of dust inside. I guess that’s why Ffordes were knocking it out at an affordable price of £150, which is a good deal for any version of this particular lens nowadays. Anyway looking at the images I’ve made, the optics are clearly in good shape, although it was stopped down to f/5.6-8 for all of these shots. There’s plenty of detail and low distortion in evidence throughout.

The Earn from above Forteviot

The Earn, from above Forteviot

The Tay at Newburgh

The River Tay at Newburgh, Fife

My Grandfather's House

Grandfather’s House

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