07.01.14 -> Bhudda

OK, So yesterday I began to learn just how hard it can be to do the Photo – a – day challenge. And it’s only day 7. On the other hand shooting regularly is helping me get to know my camera – one neat trick I’ve learned with the NEX over the last few days is that if you half press the shutter it locks the Exposure and you can vary the brightness by opening or closing the aperture. Anyhow about the shot…

After a day of running around sorting a few things out after work I found myself in a partly furnished flat at 10pm with no shot in the bag… Luckily there was a flock Bhudda head that my wife had bought – the first decoration for the flat we’re furnishing in London. So I had a play and positioned it against the green wall to try and make something of it. I also found another subject that will work well, so I’ve got a fall back for the next time this happens!

Again taken with the NEX-6 using the 50/1.4 Planar, I think this was shot at f/2.

Emergency Bhudda!

Emergency Bhudda!

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