03.02.14 -> Darkitecture III

As noted in the previous post the Modernist / Brutalist extension to the Children’s Hospital on the Hackney Road is an ideal candidate for my Darkitechture series, so I revisited it to try out a couple of angles. Goldsmiths Row is much busier and safer place than it used to be a few years ago, but still, it could use some more life and animation about it. The hulk that I’ve photographed is due to be replaced with apartments, I do hope that some provision for retail use has been made in the design as it would be great if there was some link with the street. These could be sharper, but they were with the NEX and handheld, I can’t wait to get my Tripod and revisit the first few places I’ve shot for this series!

Darkitecture IIa

Darkitecture IIa

Darkitecture IIb

Darkitecture IIb

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