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18.02.14 -> Chrome Age Classics

Just brought these out for the first time since moving flat at the turn of the year, they are from front to back; A Konica EYE half frame camera, an Olympus 35DC, and an Olympus Trip 35. The 35 RD is a storming little point and shoot, fully auto but with an amazing 40/1.7 F. Zuiko lens I’ve only put a couple of rolls through it, partly because I’ve got feeling that it works best with B&W film. Having dug them out I think I’m going to shoot a roll or two with at least one of these and one of my Contaxes, over the next couple of weeks. Time to pull the trigger on a 5-pack of Ektar!

Shot on Eos with my Zeiss 85/1.4. Quite the Bokeh test for my 85/1.4, you can see the best and worst of it the highlights of the meter collars round the lenses on the Trip and the EYE look good, however being chrome and black these cameras do show up fairly strong green/magenta LoCA in the out of focus areas.

Chrome Age Classics

Chrome Age Classics

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