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06.03.14 -> Sony A7r

Part of the reason for not posting much over the last month is that I’ve gone all in on the Sony A7r with both the native primes and adapters, including the Metabones Smart Adapter III. In spite of having used DSLRs and the NEX-6 for quite a while, the A7r is a completely different proposition and getting your head round how to take good shots with it is not always easy!

What becomes very apparent very quickly is that, in spite of it’s small size it is emphatically not a snapshot camera. With a 50% greater pixel density than my Eos 1Dx it soon becomes apparent that shot discipline is vitally important; if you miss focus or suffer from any form of camera shake you will see it in the final file.

It is also very demanding on lenses, some of my older lenses just don’t make the grade to the extent that you would hope. I can now stop shooting digital files with my Yashica 35/2.8 for example. There has been the odd pleasant surprise too. I will be writing more about some of my lens experiences over the coming weeks.

Sony A7r with 35mm & 55mm FE

Sony A7r with 35mm & 55mm FE

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