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On Coincidence and Disappointment

I was looking through the reader on last night when I saw a post under the Photography tag that piqued my curiosity. The image was of a woman posing with a Male mannequin. As I followed from link to link it became apparent that the woman in the photograph was called Suzanne Heintz and has been working on a long term project with a mannequin family, not only that but her project was now gang a great deal of media attention. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing as my wife has been engaged in a very similar project for the last few years “Photos I’ll never Take” focussing on her sense of loss at not having children – See her blog here.

We did a few shots and then decided to search the web to see if anyone else was doing similar work and drew a blank. From then on we went for it and I helped out by being camera operator for many of the shots right up to putting a show on for the Brighton for the 2012 Biennial Photo-fringe (featured picture & below). We are massively deflated, seeing Heintz work which is playing with som many of the same themes and tropes has undercut years of our own work, right now it feels like it has rendered that effort valueless.

The Irony is that Tina’s project was about the loss she felt in not having children of her own and now that project has been, in a sense, taken away.

Photos I'll Never Take

Photos I’ll Never Take

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