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2 thoughts on “Orange

  1. Hello Barry,

    First, very nice blog! I really like your photos. I am a Nex-6 user and also like to use manual lenses. I have been thinking about going the A7R way. Could you please help me with one question?

    I know AF speed is not your priority, but how would you compare the A7R with the Nex-6? I don’t need blazing fast AF either, but sometimes the AF is welcome. How do you compare it to the Nex-6 in this and other aspects you may find important? Do you miss many more shots with the A7R than you did with your Nex-6 due to camera shake? Do you find the A7R sound to be too loud? The A7 is another possibility, but as far as I have seen, the IQ of the A7R seems better.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hi, Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond – I’ve been setting up a new flat and have only just got broadband back…

      The A7r is a bit slower than the NEX-6, with sony lenses, but i don’t think it’s vastly slower. I don’t miss many shots as very few have action in them that I need to catch and the shots where I have had issues are ones where I would have struggled with any AF system (even the 1 series EOS) – i.e. flat or low contrast subjects.

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